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GDEB Building Under Construction

As a member of U.S. Green Building Council with multiple certified LEED® AP project managers on our staff, Orr Partners has a strong track record with LEED construction management projects. All of our staff has received LEED training, and we encourage and facilitate the use of sustainable LEED practices on our design-build and renovation projects. We are proud to have managed the first LEED Gold project in Loudoun County in 2008.

First LEED Gold Child Care Facility in Loudoun County, VA

For over 34 years, Orr Partners has contributed to the development and construction of numerous LEED projects. Clients look to our firm for LEED/green construction management expertise and advocacy, which is best provided by people with years in the field and the kind of experience that allows us to anticipate problems before they become obstacles. We are a leader in green, sustainable, environmentally intelligent LEED construction project management. Samples of our LEED projects can be found in our portfolio.


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