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Orr Partners Corporate Office in Reston, VA
Brenda Potosnak

Brenda Potosnak, VP Accounting & Finance

Brian Kaplan

Brian Kaplan, Sr. Project Mgr & Interiors Director

Barry White

Barry White, Sr. Development Mgr

Matt Armstrong

Matt Armstrong, Sr. Project Mgr

Jason Bell

Jason Bell, Sr. Project Mgr

Stephanie Moumen

Stephanie Moumen, Sr. Project Mgr

Ken Nisula

Ken Nisula, Sr. Project Mgr

Kevin Robinson

Michael Owen, Sr. Project Mgr

Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson, Sr. Project Mgr

Amy Rowland

Amy Rowland, Sr. Project Mgr

Kerem Demirci

Kerem Demirci, EIT, LEED GA, Development Mgr

Melissa Matthews

Melissa Matthews, AIA, Project Mgr

Tyler Orr

Tyler Orr, Project Mgr

Peggy Oxendine

Peggy Oxendine, Project Mgr

Peggy Oxendine

Erik Sanderson, Project Mgr

Peggy Oxendine

Seth Schalow, Project Mgr

Heather Spigner

Heather Spigner, Project Mgr

Heather Spigner

John Swindal, Project Mgr

Jordan DeWalt

Jordan DeWalt, Asst. Project Mgr

Kristin Hurlbut

Kristin Hurlbut, Office Manager

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Project management, construction managment and owner's representaion services

project management

Commercial real estate property management services

property management

Real estate development services

real estate development

LEED/Green Building

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