Arlington VA

The Arlington County Board took several actions Saturday, February 18, 2023, at its regular County Board Meeting. This includes the following items, which were approved unanimously:

  • The Joyce Motors site redevelopment proposal at 3201 10th Street North. The proposal includes a site plan to construct an 11-story mixed-use building with residential units and ground-floor retail, an associated vacation ordinance and a deed of dedication and easement. The project is consistent with the General Land Use Plan, the Arlington County Zoning Ordinance, and is generally consistent with the Clarendon Sector Plan. It includes:
    • Affordable Housing: Nine on-site Committed Affordable Units, including five family-sized units;
    • Historic Preservation: The relocation and preservation of the historic Joyce Motors façade and the full building preservation of the Clarendon Barbershop;
    • Activation, Streetscapes, and Streets: Construction of new sidewalk and retail space and construction of portions of 10th Road North and a new alley;
    • Sustainable Design: LEED Gold certification and additional sustainability commitments under the Green Building Incentive Policy; and
    • Transportation and Public Space: Nearly $1 million in monetary contributions toward transportation and public space planning and implementation.

For historic preservation purposes, the Board also approved transferring developmental rights from the Clarendon Barbershop Building to the Joyce Motors site, allowing unused density to be used toward the proposed 11-story mixed-used building.

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