Property Management

Property Management

Situated in Reston, VA, District Property Management, an affiliate of Orr Partners, acknowledges the significance of delivering unparalleled service to property owners in the Washington DC region. Our distinctive approach involves collaborating closely with you to identify and execute strategic measures aimed at optimizing your facility operations and reducing expenses.

We possess a unique knack for refining the numerous interconnected factors involved in property management, achieving the perfect balance of building amenities, sustainable concepts, and operational costs. What sets us apart is our commitment to listening to your needs and providing solutions that align with your desired functions, timetable, and budget.  District PM manages a commercial portfolio just under 3 million square feet across all asset classes valued at over $600 million in the Washington DC metro area. We manage many office buildings as well as other commercial and non-profit properties, such as retail locations and institutions.


With District PM’s comprehensive accounting software and financial analysis, you gain access to a wide range of tools that empower you to make well-informed decisions by fully comprehending the potential effects of different options on your property. Our tailor-made reports and operating budgets meticulously document all operating expenses, including detailed monthly and cumulative expenditures. Rely on us to offer invaluable short and long-term projections that will greatly assist you in your decision-making process.

Managing Property

Exterior ─ Maintain the building’s grounds and facades to the highest standards to enhance the facility’s beauty and safety.

Systems ─ Ensure that all base building equipment is functioning properly and efficiently.

Furnishings ─ Maintain site furnishings and lighting so that tenants can work effectively, and customers are sup-ported.

Finishes ─ Develop and implement procedures that maintain and protect the building’s finishes, so its beauty is enhanced and preserved.

Managing People

Employees ─ Maintain an attractive, efficient, and safe work environment that enhances employee satisfaction and productivity.

Visitors ─ Enhance the positive experience of visitors by providing a clean, positive, and safe environment.

Vendors ─ Select high quality vendors that support the Client’s objectives at competitive costs.

Events ─ Coordinate and assist with the planning and execution of events on site.