Gulfstream Manufacturing

$150.7M Investment to Ensure Streamlined, Efficient Operations for Next-Gen Fleet Production

 — Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced plans to continue expanding its Savannah aircraft and wing manufacturing facilities to meet customer demand for the next-generation Gulfstream G400. 

The 262,000 square-foot/24,340 square-meter expansions add dedicated G400 production and wing lines as well as additional material delivery and distribution areas. The expansion also augments ongoing growth at Gulfstream’s wing production facility adjacent to the G400, G500 and G600 manufacturing building.

“This planned expansion is part of our long-term strategic plan and investment strategy we envisioned to accommodate our next-generation family of aircraft,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “We intentionally designed these aircraft and facilities with a range of commonalities to increase operational efficiency and flexibility. This strategy, combined with the investments we’ve made in advanced precision manufacturing, allow Gulfstream to achieve industry-leading quality and consistency.”

In addition to G400, G500 and G600 manufacturing, Gulfstream’s Savannah headquarters houses production of the flagship Gulfstream G700, the all-new Gulfstream G800 and the award-winning Gulfstream G650ER, along with wings and empennages for those aircraft. Interior completions are also performed in Savannah, as well as at Gulfstream’s facilities in St. Louis, Dallas, and Appleton, Wisconsin.  

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