Ishita Parikh

Ishita Parikh

Property Accountant & Assistant Project Manager

Ishita is an accountant as well as an Assistant Project Manager at Orr. Her primary responsibilities include accurately recording and tracking financial transactions related to real estate properties, analyzing financial data, preparing reports, and ensuring compliance with relevant accounting standards and regulations. On the project side, Ishita provides essential support to the project management team, ensuring the successful execution of real estate development projects from initiation to completion.

When she is not buried in spreadsheets and project meetings, Ishita enjoys gardening, playing polo, and traveling. She spends her leisure time volunteering as a certified master gardener, actively engaged with the VCE Loudoun Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Ishita holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and Accounting from Eastern Florida State College.

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Work culture at Orr Partners

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Interior designer

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Key West, FL

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Dunkin Donuts crew member

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The Galápagos Islands

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Young Sheldon